Most of the content here is only on gemini. (HTML too poopie hard to write grrrr)

More information about gemini

Alternatively, you can use a portal to view my gemini content over HTTP.


I'm a software developer, gamer, game developer, streamer, musician, 3d artist, Linux enthusiast, can't stick to one thing lol

I'm also on PeerTube, Pleroma, and XMPP! I try to stay away from centralized stuff but I am on ko-fi if you want to give me moneys :3

The subdomains

(there are others but they're not websites)




Written manually in HTML like a gigachad; If it looks ugly change your default browser font or smth lmao

IPv6 OK! (we ran out of IPv4 addresses like 11 years ago just transition your websites already ugh

A sane man says no to JavaScript.